From affordable prices to our expert staff of skilled and award-winning instructors and choreographers, we take pride in our vision and the strong dance family we have built. The minute you walk into our studio, you can immediately feel the warm and welcoming family environment. Our music, choreography, and costumes are always clean and age-appropriate. Safety is another thing we value at our studio, which is why we have installed safe, shock-absorbent Marley dance floors  in each of our rooms. Our #1 priority is the students' growth and development. Our staff offers experience in education, performance, and commercial dance. We also host annual workshops and master classes from outside professionals to bring in the latest dance trends.

Our studio is also dedicated to giving back to the community by participating in charity events, feeding the homeless, cancer walks, and hosting our annual toy drive to benefit children in the San Bernardino County. As a studio, we have raised thousands of dollars towards several of our own dance family members fighting through illnesses and injuries.


Rowena Muego (Owner/Director) 

Rachel Muego (Creative Director) 

Vanessa Caldwell (Office Staff Member) 

Jenna Ordona (Office Staff Member)